T   H   E     B   O   O   K
William Ingham
Configuration of Forces

University of Washington Press, Spring/Summer 2003 for the book "William Ingham Configuration of Forces" by Matthew Kangas

"The art of William Ingham demonstrates how the modernist tradition, Specifically Abstract Expressionism, has flourished in the Pacific Northwest.
   This lavishly illustrated volume brings to a wider audience the Seattle born artist's highly gestural and vividly colored abstract paintings. Exploring gesture, form, scale, color, touch and texture, Ingham's paintings are exuberant statements.
   Tracing the artist's evolution through detailed analyses of individual Works, distinguished art critic Matthew Kangas builds the case for Ingham's significance and, in so doing, broadens the literature on Pacific Northwest art to include non-regional influences on artists of the area, drawing Northwest art closer to other modernist traditions and innovations in American art."

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