T   H   E     A   R   T   I   S   T
William Ingham graduated from the University of Washington's School of Art with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1972. Over his 36 year career, his work has been exhibited at leading Seattle art galleries, including the Gordon Woodside/John Braseth Gallery, Foster White, Dootson Calderhead, and Polly Friedlander galleries.

     Ingham's paintings are in over 40 corporate settings, and numerous private art and museum collections, including the Seattle Art Museum, Whatcom County Museum of History and Art, the Tacoma Art Museum and the Colby College Museum of Art. He has been a visiting teacher at the University of Washington, serves on its School Of Art advisory board and lectured at the Colby College Museum of Art as well as a former trustee of Cornish College of the Arts. He has been a regular contributor of art to PONCHO and other charitable organizations in the Northwest.

For his show at the Colby College Museum of Art's Davis Gallery, William Ingham was described as follows: 

     "The Seattle born artist is known for his fusion of bicoastal influences and loose Abstract Expressionist painting. Drawing from multiple movements including New York School and Minimalism, the artist maintains the autonomy of his paintings and the refusal of immediately recognizable imagery. Rich in color and sweeping movement, Ingham creates paintings that are at once dreamlike and organic. Large canvasses and concentrated hues further Ingham's exploration of scale, stroke and line, resulting in lavish and complex paintings that are carefully and deliberately produced."
William Ingham
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